Trading Paints Not Updating (2024)

1. Other drivers see my custom paints but I do not see them. What should I ...

  • Under Advanced Options in Trading Paints Downloader, ensure “Update My Own Paints” is checked. If it is not checked, Downloader will skip downloading your (the ...

  • If other drivers can see your custom paints but you can’t see them on iRacing on your own computer:Ensure Trading Paints Downloader is installed and running on your computer.Under Advanced Options in Trading Paints Downloader, ensure “Update My Own Paints” is checked. If it is not checked, Downloader will skip downloading your (the player) paints.Ensure your antivirus program and firewall allow Trading Paints Downloader to download paints to your computer.If you are a Trading Paints Pro members and using a Custom Number paint, ensure “Hide numbers…” is checked in your iRacing graphics options. It is possible you are racing with a Custom Number paint but don’t have iRacing configured to use a Custom Number paint.Try deleting the “paint” folder in Documents/iRacing. (Note: This will delete paint files from your computer.)Try restarting Trading Paints Downloader. Close Downloader entirely by right-clicking the icon in the Windows system tray.Try restarting the iRacing sim.If you recently reinstalled Windows, iRacing, or Trading Paints, your User ID may not be stored in memory yet, meaning Trading Paints won’t know which paints to download for you. This should correct itself after joining an official iRacing session or two.If your custom paint still does not appear on your computer (but appears on opponents’ computer) after trying all of the above, you can report the issue and include an Output file of the session in question, the vehicle in question, the results of each of the above troubleshooting steps, a description or link to the paint you expect to see, and a description or link to the paint your opponents see on your car. If you report an issue with all this information, we may follow up with additional questions or to request additional information from you if needed.

2. Trading Paints Help Center

  • Help articles and guides for how to use Trading Paints and troubleshooting issues with iRacing custom paint schemes, also known as wraps or liveries.

3. Report a Problem - Trading Paints

  • If you are reporting a problem relating to the Trading Paints Downloader program (paints are not displaying in iRacing the way you expect), please attach an ...

  • If you are reporting a problem relating to the Trading Paints Downloader program (paints are not displaying in iRacing the way you expect), please attach an output file from the Downloader from the session where you believe there was an issue, and explain what happened and what you expected to happen.

4. Downloader | Trading Paints Help Center

  • Is Trading Paints compatible with OneDrive? My Trading Paints Downloader is not updating. What should I do?

  • Getting the most out of the Windows Trading Paints Downloader program.

5. Trading Paints Downloader Update Notes: September 18, 2018

  • If Trading Paints will not update, try running TP Updater.exe directly from your C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinode LLC\Trading Paints directory. Ensure your virus ...

  • Steve Luvender • September 18, 2018 We’ve released an update to the Trading Paints Downloader program. This version (2.0.16) contains two updates:Reverted a change where the delay time between downloading a file and attempting a refresh had been reduced. Users on HDDs were reporting occasional missing paint schemes that weren’t visible until refreshing all paints with Ctrl + R.Files are now served from a shiny new file server! This should increase download speed, particularly during peak load times. We expect this change will also noticeably improve website performance and reliability during peak load times.Installation tips:Trading Paints should update automatically the next time you open the program. If you still see Version 2.0.15 on your screen, close and re-open Trading Paints to trigger the Updater to grab the latest version.If you see a New Version pop-up when you restart your computer, you likely still have a very old version of Trading Paints on your computer. Try uninstalling all installations of Trading Paints Downloader and grabbing the latest version.If Trading Paints will not update, try running TP Updater.exe directly from your C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinode LLC\Trading Paints directory.Ensure your virus protection and firewall allow Trading Paints to function; otherwise, Trading Paints may not be able to grab the update from our servers.You can download the latest version of Trading Paints Downloader at Thanks for using Trading Paints!

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  • How to best use the Showroom, the Trading Paints community.

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  • How can I activate my account or reset my password if I am restricted from using messaging in iRacing? ... > My Trading Paints Downloader is not updating. What ...

  • Managing your Trading Paints membership.

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  • Designing paints with Paint Builder, available with Trading Paints Pro. Trading ... > My Trading Paints Downloader is not updating. What should I do? &gt ...

  • Information about Trading Paints Pro features.

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  • The custom car painting community for @iRacing. No, Steve is not talking to himself. Turn custom numbers on.

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11. Paint Builder | Trading Paints Help Center

If you're an avid sim racer, you know the importance of a visually immersive experience. Trading Paints is a fantastic platform that allows you to personalize and share your car's livery in iRacing. However, the frustration sets in when Trading Paints is not updating as expected. In this article, we'll delve into the perplexing world of paint trading and explore solutions to ensure your virtual racing machine looks as slick as it performs.

Understanding the Basics of Trading Paints

Before we dive into the troubleshooting process, let's quickly recap what Trading Paints is all about. It's a platform that enables iRacing users to customize and share their car liveries. Whether you're sporting a sleek design or promoting a sponsor, Trading Paints adds a layer of personalization to the virtual racing experience.

Common Issues: Perplexity Unveiled

1. Connection Glitches**

The most common reason for Trading Paints not updating is a hiccup in your internet connection. Make sure you're online and try refreshing the page. It's surprising how often a simple connectivity issue can stand between you and a stunning new paint job.

2. Outdated Browser Woes**

In the fast-paced world of online gaming, browsers can become outdated quickly. Ensure your browser is up to date, as Trading Paints relies on the latest technologies to deliver seamless updates.

3. Cache Conundrum**

A cluttered cache can wreak havoc on the updating process. Clear your browser's cache to give Trading Paints a clean slate to work with. This might be the key to unlocking those missing liveries.

Burstiness in Solutions

1. Check Trading Paints Server Status**

Sometimes, the issue is not on your end. Check the Trading Paints server status to ensure everything is running smoothly. A server outage might be the reason behind your updating woes.

2. Verify Your iRacing Account**

Ensure that your iRacing account is linked correctly with Trading Paints. A mismatch or an outdated link can disrupt the flow of updates. Confirm the integration to make sure your designs are seamlessly transferred.

3. Update Trading Paints App**

Like any software, Trading Paints undergoes updates. Ensure you have the latest version of the Trading Paints app installed. An outdated version might not sync correctly with iRacing.

The Importance of Specificity

When dealing with issues like Trading Paints not updating, specificity is key. Be meticulous in following the troubleshooting steps and pay attention to detail. A small oversight might be the reason behind the persistent issue.

Contextual Solutions

1. Community Forums**

The sim racing community is vast and supportive. Visit forums related to iRacing and Trading Paints to seek advice from fellow enthusiasts. Someone might have encountered a similar issue and found a unique solution.

2. Contact Support**

If all else fails, don't hesitate to reach out to Trading Paints support. They are there to assist you and can provide personalized solutions based on your specific situation.

Engaging the Reader: Dive into the Virtual Racing World

Imagine hurtling down the digital track, the roar of the engine in your ears, and the wind rushing past. Now, envision doing all of this in a car that reflects your personality. That's the beauty of Trading Paints. It's not just about pixels on a screen; it's about creating an identity in the virtual racing world.

Active Voice and Brief Explanations

Don't let the technicalities overwhelm you. Check your internet, update your browser, clear the cache – these are simple steps that can make a significant difference. Stay proactive, and your Trading Paints experience will be smoother than ever.

Rhetorical Questions: Is Your Racing Experience at Its Full Potential?

Ask yourself this: Are you truly getting the most out of your virtual racing endeavors? If Trading Paints isn't updating, you might be missing out on a crucial aspect of the experience. Take a moment to troubleshoot, and soon, you'll be back on the track with a revamped look.

Analogies and Metaphors: Trading Paints, the Canvas of Virtual Racing

Think of Trading Paints as the canvas on which you paint your racing dreams. When it's not updating, it's like an artist running out of paint – the masterpiece is incomplete. Let's ensure your canvas is always ready for the next stroke of creativity.

Conclusion: Rev Up Your Racing Experience

In the world of sim racing, personalization is everything. Trading Paints adds that extra layer of individuality to your virtual racing machine. Don't let updating issues slow you down. Follow the steps, stay connected, and get ready to dazzle the digital track with your revamped livery.

FAQs: Unraveling the Mysteries of Trading Paints Updates

1. Why is Trading Paints not updating on my iRacing account?**

If Trading Paints is not updating, check your internet connection, browser version, and clear your cache. These steps often resolve the issue.

2. How can I check the Trading Paints server status?**

Visit the Trading Paints website and navigate to the server status page. This will provide real-time information about any ongoing server issues.

3. What should I do if my iRacing account is not linked with Trading Paints?**

Ensure that your iRacing account is correctly linked with Trading Paints. Visit the settings section on both platforms to verify and update the integration.

4. Is it necessary to update the Trading Paints app regularly?**

Yes, it is crucial to update the Trading Paints app regularly. An outdated version may not sync correctly with iRacing, leading to updating issues.

5. Why is community support important in troubleshooting Trading Paints updates?**

Community forums provide a platform for users to share their experiences and solutions. Someone in the community might have encountered a similar problem and can offer valuable insights.

Bold Title: Troubleshooting Trading Paints Not Updating: A Guide for Racing Enthusiasts

Trading Paints Not Updating (2024)


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